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      Starting A Daycare ?

      Daycare Rates!
      How Much Should You Charge?

      What Are The Ages You Will Be Watching?

      First, you need to figure out what ages you will be watching.

      • Infants - ages 1 to 12 months
      • Toddlers - ages 12 to 18 months
      • Preschool - ages 2.5 Years to 6 Years
      • Before and after school

      What Are Other People Charging?

      Check Around!

      Once you figure out which ages you want to care for you will need to figure out how many children you can watch.

      Are you licensed or registered? You will need to check with your state licensor or your you can look into the handbook you received from the state when you got licensed to see how many children you are allowed to watch.

      Check you states requirements Not sure how many children you can watch, or can't find your handbook? Click here to go to your States Child Care Licensure Regulations and click on your state and find your states daycare information or call your licensor to find out exactly how many children and what ages you can watch.

      Next, you will need to figure out how much to charge First, check the newspaper, check craigslist, and call the local child care centers in your area to see how much they are charging for full time care versus part time care. Write down the prices and then check the newspapers and call anyone who is adverting and see how much they are charging and what they offer.

      Infant Care is usually priced a lot higher. As infants usually require a lot more one-on-one care.

      Part Time or Full Time Care? Are you going to watch children full time only, or will you accept part time care. Will you charge by the hour, by the day or by the week?

      What will you be offering? Are you going to provide meals and snacks, will you be teaching their children their ABC's, will children be allowed to wach TV and if so, how much TV and which types of TV shows? Will you be offering the children daily art such as coloring, painting, gluing, etc.

      Parent Interviews Once you figure out how much your going to charge, you need to write it down and put it next to the phone and now its time to start advertising your child care openings.

      Marketing Your Daycare Now its time to make an ad and place it into your local newspaper, place some flyers around town, place an ad on craigslist and you can also click here to advertise your child care business for free.

      Parent's Contract After you set up an interview to meet with the parents you will need a contract and a parents handbook which will show all your policy's. If you need help making the contracts, parent handbook or need other daycare forms, click here for some free samples or to purchase daycare forms.

      Daily Schedule need help setting up your daily schedule, purchase click here to view our daily schedule.

      Weekly Food Menu's need help making your weely child care food menu, click here to view our child care food menu.

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