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      Table Of Contents

      Chapter   1 - Introduction....................................
      Chapter   2 - Can You Run A Daycare.................
      Chapter   3 - Getting Licensed............................
      Chapter   4 - Getting Started...............................
      Chapter   5 - Setting Up Your Home....................
      Chapter   6 - Setting Up Learning Centers..........
      Chapter   7 - How Much Should I charge?..........
      Chapter   8 - Marketing Tips................................
      Chapter   9 - Advertising Hints.............................
      Chapter 10 - Interviews & Enrollments.................
      Chapter 11 - Planning A Daycare Menu...............
      Chapter 12 - Caring For Mixed Ages....................
      Chapter 13 - Daily Routines.................................
      Chapter 14 - Transition Times.............................
      Chapter 15 - Talking to Parents...........................
      Chapter 16 - Contracts & Policys..........................
      Chapter 17 - Income & Expenses.........................
      Chapter 18 - Taxes & Record Keeping.................
      Chapter 19 - Liability Insurance...........................

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      Did You Know ?

      That there is a big demand for daycare. Over 50% of children under five years of age, are cared for by someone, other than their parent.  

      Thinking about starting your own daycare? Now is the time to start your own daycare! The demand for child care is on the rise. Many experts expect to find more mothers, will be outside their home working, due to inflation and to the high divorce rate. And i'm sure you will agree that one pay check just doesn't go as far as it used to.

      How many children can you watch? You can usually start out watching two children plus your own until you get licensed. Once you become licensed you can generally watch between six and twelve children. The requirement for how many children you can watch often depends on how much space you have, the ages of the children and if you are watching the children by yourself or with a helper.

      What is the best way to advertise my daycare? The best way to advertise your daycare is by word of mouth. You need to let all your freinds and neighbors know that you are now "taking on children" to watch in your home daycare. It doesn't take long for people to notice you are watching children and slowly the word will spread that you are now running a daycare. Im sure you will agree that having a freind tell you "Mary is now running a daycare you should call her"is the best way to attract more customers. But what if that isn't enough? We have a lot of useful information in our daycare guide on advertising and attracting more customers. Once you read our chapter on advertising im sure you will think to yourself, Oh! I need to do this right now! I can't believe I never though of that!

      What About Toys & Equipment? Check out yard sales and second hand shops If you do not have any toys or books on hand that you can use then you should "Start Now" checking out yard sales, garage sales and second hand shops or second time around stores for toys and baby equipment. Some items to watch for would be:

      Books & Small Toys
      Playpens or Pack & Plays
      High Chairs
      Changing Table
      Child Sized Table and Chairs
      Outside Slide for your daycare
      Felt Board
      Chalk Board
      Plus any other items you see that you feel you will need for your daycare

      What About New Items? When your daycare starts bringing in a nice income then you may want to buy some newer equipment and toys. But if you want to save money, you should still try and find most of the items that you need from the second hand stores. Or you may want to shop around and see what you can find on sale, check out the sale flyers, search on the internet. Another solution would be to put up a note (Please Donate) on your front door of items that you need for you daycare, some of your daycare parents may have these items at home and are no longer using them.

      Starting A Daycare

      Start Your Own Daycare e-Book

      How long does it take to get licensed? Getting a license can be a long and stressful procedure. Our start your own daycare e-book will guide you through the steps and will help you get your license quickly. Our start your own daycare e-book has a lot of useful information, including:

      Is there a need for daycare in my area?
      Who do I call to get my daycare application?
      How many children can I watch?
      How much do I charge?
      How do I advertise?
      What kinds of toys do I need?
      Our daycare guide will answer these questions and many others!

      How Much Should I Charge ? First you need to decide what ages and what hours you are going to work? Depending on the hours you decide to work and the ages you decide to watch will help you to decide what to charge. The first thing you would need to do, is to find out what others in your area are charging. Our daycare guide will help you figure out what to charge your daycare clients for daycare.

      Daycare  Flyer - All forms are included in the start your own starting a daycare package

      Daycare Flyer

      Can I Find Customers ? Once you get licensed you will need to start attracting customers! A great way to advertise your daycare is by displaying a flyer in your neighborhood, just hang up at the laundry mat, doctors office, grocery stores, libray, and at the mall. I have three cute flyers available for down load in our daycare forms, just write your phone number on the bottom of the flyer. There are three different flyers on our down load page to print out and use. If you have MS Word, Works or WordPerfect, you can just click the words on the flyers to edit them.

      Brochure Side 1 Brochure Side 2

      Brochure Side 1   And   Side 2

      Marketing Your Daycare Print out the brochure above and send to prospective clients. The picture above shows both the front and back side of the daycare brochure. Just print out the brochure and tri-fold it, there is a blank area on side one to put in the mailing address. This is a great way to advertise your daycare. The start your own daycare guide will help you advertise your daycare with lots of valuable information on advertising and marketing your daycare.

      Parent Interviews ? Over The Phone And In Person Your first encounter with a potential daycare parent will probably be over the telephone. This will be their first impression of you. Make sure you sound confident. You can print out the telephone interview log and have it next to the telephone when parents call. Just read down through the questions and write down their answers. If this goes well, you will need to set up a time to meet with the parents. Make sure you set up a convient time for both of you!

      What Type Of Program Do You Have?? Most parents will want to know, what will my child be doing all day? Most parents do not want their child sat in front of the television. Most parents want a fun, safe, environment but at the same time they want their child envolved in a home daycare program which teaches them and guides them through their early stages of development. Most parents want their child getting outside, having free play, plus getting ready for school. You may want to think about starting a morning program to help teach the children in your care. The start your own daycare e-book does offer information on games and activites that you can do with your daycare children. For more advanced activities please see below:

      Toddler or Preschool Curriculum I also offer a toddler or preschool curriculum program. Which is sold seperately. You can click here to view our preschool curriculum or click here to view our toddler curriculum, these items are sold seperately and are not included in the starting a daycare package.

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      Daycare Contract

      What About Daycare Forms ? You should have a contract and all your daycare policy's available for each parent. Before you begin watching children in your home, you should have a contract, a parents handbook, permission slips for taking the children on field trips, in your car for errands, medical emergency forms, plus others. You should have a parents handbook which will point out all your policies and procedures. I have a well written parent's hand book you can use or edit to fit the needs of your daycare. You can print out the parent's handbook from our website. You will also want the parents to sign a contract. I have a contract you can use or edit for your daycare needs. On the daycare forms down load page, I have information for setting up a file for each of your daycare children, I also have information for putting together the parents handbook and I also have information on tracking the childrens daily attendance and I also show you how to make a daily attendance booklet, plus a forms booklet. You will not find such cute forms for this LOW PRICE any where else on the web. Plus all the valuable information of making the handbooks, attendance booklets, etc. All this valuable information is just a click away. Click below to get started right away!

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      Hours Sign - Daycare Form

      Daycare Hours Sign

      What Are Your Daycare Hours? Post your daycare hours. Make sure eveyone knows what time you open and close. The cute poster above can be printed out from the daycare forms down load page and hung where everyone can see it. Just fill in the time you open and close with a marker.

      Conflicts ? Our starting a daycare package will point out ways to handle conflicts. When problems do arise you will be glad you have a parents handbook pointing out your procedures and policys. This will usually stop a lot of problems before they begin. Getting along with the parents can be one your biggest issues. I have learned that many problems can and will arise between the provider and the parent(s). If parents realize ahead of time what your rules and procedures are then you can stop some conflicts before they start. Once they read through your handbook they will have a greater understanding of your philosophies and what your rules are. The handbook covers other issues such as a sick child, holidays, toilet training, bounced checks, late payment, and so much more.

      Parent's Handbook

      Can I edit the parent's handbook? Yes, you can edit the parent's handbook, the contract and most of the other daycare forms. You can not edit the poster type forms, such as the center signs. Once the starting a daycare package is purchased you can instantly down load our parents handbook along with the daycare contract PLUS a ton of other forms. You can edit the parents handbook to change the hours of your operation, the prices that you charge, or any other pertinent information that you would like to add or change. On the daycare forms down load page, you will find information for printing out the parents handbook cover and the parents handbook and putting these all together to make the handbook.

      Daycare Records? Keeping your records straight can be a nightmare. I have learned some simple tricks to keep our records easily organized and I will show you how to easily organize your daycare records. You need good bookkeeping forms to help you organize your daycare records. I have some really nice bookkeeping forms to keep you organized. You do not have to be a bookkeeper to keep accurate records and to be organized. I will show you how to achieve this. Our starting a daycare package has a wealth of information. Lots of tips on dealing with parents, discipline, early or late arrival, plus information on how to run your program smoothly, to keeping all your records organized.

      Children's Files? Set Up A File Folder For Each Child You will need to organize your daycare records for each of the children. You should have a file folder for each child, and keep all their information inside each one. Our starting a daycare package will show you how to set up a file folder for each child. Just print out the file folder index and glue inside each file folder, the rest of the instructions are on the daycare forms down load page. When the licensor comes to your house you want to be able to produce the children's records and have them all up to date. You do not want to be running all over the house looking for them. Your state licensor can pop in at any time and you do not always know when their coming. Our starting a daycare package will give you tips on how to keep the children's records all up to date and how to store the records so you can easily find them.

      Emergency Telephone Numbers? Print out the emergency telephone numbers daycare form. Once you purchase our starting a daycare package, you can print out our emergency telphone numbers form plus many other useful forms. If a child gets hurt you don't want to be "thinking, where did I put his file". You should know instantly where each childs record is and how to quickly locate each childs telephone number and his parents work number. If an emergency comes up, you may not have time to "hunt for records" you will need to be organized and know where everything is. Our starting a daycare package will give you tips and information on becoming organized.

      What about disclipine? Our starting a daycare package will go over positive guidance Children are going to act up during the day or they wouldn't be normal. You need to make sure the children are not going to hurt themselves or someone else. But you do not want to yell or over react to the children. You need to teach them through positive reinforcement. Guide them with positive actions. Our daycare guide will go over positive discipline to help you learn how to approch the children when they are standing on chairs, throwing sand, running inside, hitting, etc.

      Art Area

      Art Center Sign

      What Are Learning Centers? Learning Centers are usually a small area of your house or a small box or shelf where you have placed certain items for a specific area of learning. Such as; placing books on a shelf, this would be your book area or book center. A center can be a large area such as your outside play area or a small area such as a dish pan set up with some art items and set up on a small table, this would be your art area or art center. Some people set up shelves and designate certain areas on the shelves for certain learning areas. You may want a math area to help teach the children how to to count, or have them learn to sort or have them learn other math activities or a pre reading area where you would place some alphabet cards or a sound box or other pre reading activities. "Quality daycare's" have learning centers or area's set up for the children. These centers don't have to be anything bigj ust a small area where you will keep some books, and another area where you will keep some blocks. If you notice most of the time that the children crawl up on the couch to look at books then place a few books in a small stand by the couch and this will become your book center. Most home daycares have a block center, art center, music center, book center, dramatic play center, and a few others which are discussed in our starting a daycare e-book. Our starting a daycare e-book will go over each center and different items you can place into each center. I also have center signs that you can print out and display to show your parents where each center is located in your home. One of the center signs is displayed above, this is the art center sign.

      Daily Schedule - Daycare Form

      Daily Schedule

      Daily Schedule Print out and display the daily schedule. You can edit the form and change the hours and activites as needed. Our starting a daycare package will help you set up a daily schedule. You can print out the daily schedule above (I had to shrink it and its fuzzy on here), once you print out the form, normal size, it will not be fuzzy. The daily schedule will give you idea's for setting up your daily schedule. You can think about what time you will serve meals, read stories, plan art activities, go outside, put the children down for naps, etc. Our starting a daycare package will come with all the forms you will need to start and manage your business. Our starting a daycare package will keep your business running smoothly.

      Daycare Waiting List Now is the time to start up. Space is limited. Some daycares even have one-year waiting lists or longer. Let your love for children and your dream to be your own boss become a reality. Start your own new, exciting career. Our starting a daycare business package will help you to take your dream of starting a home daycare out of the mist and into the "Newly Opening Daycare Has Openings!!" That could be your ad running in tomorrow’s paper. You will get samples of ads that I have I have placed in the newspaper and had all our spots filled within a few days!! Some ads don't catch parents eyes if their are other daycare ads running at the same time. You want your ad to STAND OUT! Grab their attention and get them to call you first! Make sure you sound confident and professional when you receive phone calls from potential customers. Keep your rate sheet taped by the telephone or on a clip board. Our daycare guide will go over what to charge the parents and I even have a daycare rate sheet in the daycare forms that you can edit to change the prices to fit the needs of your daycare. Just print it out and have it handy for when the parents start calling you.

      Be prepared! Present a professional image. Our starting a daycare business package will show you how I keep the rate sheet and other material quickly assessible for when parents call. I will show you which forms to print out and where to place them to be ready for when your first clients start calling. Make sure you sound professional and not hesitant. You need to have all pertinent information about your daycare at your fingertips. The e-book will give you sound advice on having all your forms ready and practical tips on how to store all your information. Our starting a daycare busienss will go over the different types of learning centers you can make and have throughout your house and how to set these up. When new clients come by for an interview, point out the learning centers to the parents. Have their child use the centers, let them see how their child will grow and develop from your program.

      You need to keep accurate records. Opening and running a daycare is just like any other business. You need to have records on all your children and all the forms need to be up to date! Protect yourself and the children in your care by using the the correct authorization and permission forms. Our Daycare Forms offer authorization and written agreements between yourself and your daycare families.

      Be Successful ! The daycare guide will help you get started right away and help you to keep your daycare running smoothly and successfully. Our starting a daycare business package offers lots of tips on dealing with parents, discipline, nap time, television or not?, etc. Plus helps you find out how to get licensed, to setting up your house for daycare, to finding customers, and getting all the paper work done and ORGANIZED! Best of all our e-book has all the information you will need to help you to figure out what you should charge, idea's on how to set up your home, plan weekly menus, idea's on marketing your daycare, plus so much more. Our starting a daycare business package is a great reference guide that will help you get your child care business off the ground and help you become a daycare provider.

      Starting A Daycare Package

      Includes the daycare business forms plus the Start Your Own Daycare e-Book

      The Start Your Own Daycare e-Book

      Will answer questions such as:

      Is there a need for daycare in my area?
      What are the state regulations?
      How do I get my daycare license?
      How do I set up my house?
      How do I set up food menus for USDA Food Program?
      What kind of policies should I have?
      What type of forms will I need?
      How do I track my daycare income?
      What learning centers should I offer in my daycare program?
      How much should I charge?
      What equipment will I need?
      What is the best way to advertise my daycare?
      How do I gain and keep parent's trust?
      What type of insurance should I have?
      Our daycare guide will answer these questions and many others!

      Need Help Setting Up Your Daycare ? The starting a daycare e-book will guide you through the process of setting up and running your own daycare program. The daycare forms can be edited as you need to modify them as your daycare changes. You will probably start off with siz children but in years to come you may decide to do twelve. In the future, if you decide to watch more children you will find the employee forms very beneficial.

      Is daycare for you ? The daycare e-book will help you decide if a home daycare is for you. Plus it will give you the information on how to get licensed, to planning quick nutrious meals, to offering the children fun games and learning activities, information on keeping your daycare records and advice on tracking your income and expenses, plus information on deciding on what type of insurance to get. Our daycare guide will help get started quickly. Our information will help guide you to a successful business career.

      Be your own boss! Becoming a Daycare Provider means you will now be your own "Boss". You will be running your own business and setting your own hours. You can also make this a wonderful opportunity by having a positive influence on the lives of young children in your home.

      Is there a need for daycare in your area? Our daycare guide has a lot of information on starting your own daycare. From finding out if there is a need for daycare in your area, to deciding if you can make a living doing daycare plus other things to consider before starting your own Daycare. You will also get the link to individual State requirements for ALL 50 states. This will give you the necessary information you will need to the rules and regualations for your state. Our start your own daycare e-book will help you get licensed, give you ideas on how to advertise your Daycare. You will also get access to over 150 daycare forms including the handbook & contract, to use as they are or to change them to fit the needs of your daycare, plus many other forms which are listed below!

      Daycare is a profession and should not be taken lightly. You will need to decide it you can devote a big part of your day making sure the children in your daycare get Quality care. This will mean spending time searching for new ideas and resources, and updating educational techniques. There is not a lot of money to be made in daycare but the well being of the children can be so rewarding. If you have children of your own you get to stay home with your children while making a postive impact on the lives of other children. This is why many daycare providers choose home daycare as a profession so they can be home with their children while they earn an income. This is one of the positive aspects about being a having a home daycare business.

      Daily Routine Print out the daily schedule and use as a guide in determining your daily routine. The more prepared you are for what lies ahead the better job you will do. Knowing what needs to be done on a daily basis and having a daily schedule will help your day run much smoother. Children who know what to excpect on a daily basis are much happier.

      I hope to be able to offer you as much information as possible to get you started and to point out what to expect each day. You will have all the information you need at your fingertips and you have all your policys and procedures printed out. You will know how to make a daily menu, have ideas on fun activites for the children, and know how to disclipine the children in a positive manner, print out the forms you will need, parents handbook, contracts, the daily schedule, learn how to set rates, advertise your daycare, plus so much more.

      Customizable Daycare Forms ! Our forms can be edited. They are done in MS Word, MS Works and Word perfect, Use the files as is, or you can change the the forms as needed. PLUS instantly down load the start your own daycare e-book, so you can get started right away!

      What If I Don't Have MS Word, MS Works or Word perfect? If you do not have the word programs listed, you can still access the forms, by down loading the pdf files that we have with the free adobe acrobat reader. The pdf files can not be edited, and would need to be used as is. You need to have one of the word programs mentioned above to be able to edit the forms. Or you can down load the MS Word - free word viewer from microsoft - to open the files and then "copy and paste" the forms into your own word processor to edit them.

      Please Note: All the MS Word, MS Works and Word Perfect files are customizable; You can change the words, font size, color, or add your own pictures. PLUS instantly down load the start your own daycare e-book, so you can get started right away!

      Cute Printable Forms Click Here to see the complete list of the files you can down load. We now have over 150 Daycare forms to down load. We have Menus, Party Signs, Holiday Signs, Contract, Parent's Handbook, Invoices, Receipts, Infant, Toddler and Preschool Reports, Center Signs, Brochure, Flyers, plus many other daycare forms.

      Instructions! We now offer instructions on putting together your own parents handbook, making a daily attendance booklet and we show you how to set up files for each of your daycare children. You will find this information on the daycare forms down load page.

      Daycare Forms

      Daycare forms for instant down load. Down load MS Word, MSWorks or WordPerfect Daycare Forms Today. All the forms are customizable. See the partial list of daycare forms below. Order today, and start down loading now!

      Advertising Samples
      Attendance List (Monthly)
      Attendance Form (Weekly)
      Baby Starting Letter
      Birthday List
      Bitten Form
      Biting Handout
      Change In Schedule
      Child's Health History
      Child's Pick Up Form
      Child's Record
      Contract (Parent/Provider)
      Cubby Tags
      Daily Send Home Sheet for Infant
      Daily Send Home Sheet for Toddlers/Preschoolers
      Daily Schedule
      Daily Sign in/out Sheet
      Drop Offs
      Late Payment Notice
      Late Pick Up
      Fire Drill Log
      Immunization Form
      Injury Minor Report
      Injury Serious Report
      Lice Hand Out
      Medical Emergency Form
      Medication Over The Counter Form
      Parent's Information Form
      Parent's Handbook
      Phone Log
      Phone Numbers of all Daycare Children
      Permission to Video Tape or Take Pictures
      Prescription Medication Form
      Permission for Water Play or Pool
      Permission to Transport Child in your Vehicle
      Rate Increase Letter
      Immunization Form
      Suntan Lotion Permission Form
      Training Log
      Telephone Interview Log
      Withdrawal Form
      Withdrawal Notice

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      Of Daycare Forms Included In The Starting A Daycare Package

      Bookkeeping Forms

      Daycare forms for instant down load. Down load MS Word, MSWorks or WordPerfect Daycare Forms Today. All the forms are customizable. See the partial list of daycare forms below. Order today, and start down loading now!

      Account Over Due
      Breach of Contract (Late Payment)
      Breach of Contract (Late Pick Up)
      Daycare Receipt (3 to a page)
      Daycare Receipt Register (Track Receipts)
      Deposits (Monthly)
      Deposits (Weekly)
      Child's File Folder - Index
      Daycare Attendance Cover
      Daycare Forms Handbook Cover
      Income (Monthly)
      Income (Weekly)
      Income Receipt
      Income Receipt Regiser
      Monthly Expense Form
      Tax Receipt to Send to Parents
      Termination Reminder
      Transportation Log
      Year End Statement

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      Of Daycare Forms Included In The Starting A Daycare Package

      Employee Forms

      Daycare forms for instant down load. Down load MS Word, MSWorks or WordPerfect Daycare Forms Today. All the forms are customizable. See the partial list of daycare forms below. Order today, and start down loading now!

      Employee Handbook
      Employee Hours
      Employee Letter
      Employee Miles Log
      Employee Record
      Employee Schedule
      Employee Training Log
      Job Outline

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      Of Daycare Forms Included In The Starting A Daycare Package

      Posters & Daycare Signs

      New Printable Forms below are mainly the posters and daycare signs to print out for your daycare. Most of the forms below are pdf files. PDF files are not customizable. You will need the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the pdf files. See the partial list of daycare forms below. Order now and start down loading today !

      Daycare Food Menu's
      Infant Daily Report
      Toddler Daily Report
      Preschool Daily Report
      Daycare Party Sign - Post When You Are Having A Daycare Party
      Daycare Sign - Showing Daycare Hours
      Daycare Out Sign - To Hang When outside or gone for walk, etc
      Birthday Present Signs - One for each month to show children's birthdays
      Art Area Sign
      Art Center Sign
      Block Area Sign
      Book Area Sign
      Book Center Sign
      Dramtatic Play Area Sign
      Dramatic Play Center Sign
      Dress Up Area Sign
      Dress Up Center Sign
      Flyer - Advertise Your Daycare
      Poster - Advertise Your Daycare

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      Of Daycare Forms Included In The Starting A Daycare Package

      Firsthand Testimonials From Daycare Providers!

      "I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I like your Daycare product. I am always skeptical of products that promise a lot. However, your product made it possible for me to set up a home daycare business. We really needed the second source of income. I love being home with my kids and still making an income. I love my NEW DAYARE BUSINESS!! Thank you for creating such an excellent product."

      - Kelli -
         Boston, MA

      "Your Daycare Starter-Kit has a lot of useful information. After reading your e-book I am now in the process of opening my own daycare business. I will be using your advise to help me get started. I recommend this package to anyone starting a daycare. The information in this kit is very useful."

      - Shelly -
         Seattle, WA

      " I was quite skeptical about an electronic book. I couldn't believe how fast your e-book arrived. I love all the forms!! These are great. I am also able to go at my own pace! Thank you so much for making this available online!."

      - Cheryl -
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