Spanish 4 Kids!

Let's Learn Spanish!

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Let's learn Spanish. Vamos a aprender español.

This page is set up for preschool children or young children ages 3 to 7 learning Spanish.

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Mascotas (Pets)

Click here to open the file and print it out, or right mouse click the file and down load to your computer.

The file has a horse (caballo), dog (perro), cat (gato), mouse (ratón) and a rabbit (conejo) with the spanish words written underneath. Print out the spanish ebook and show the pictures to your child and have them repeat the words with you and then have them color the pictures.

Please check back

We will be adding new items weekly, such as videos, ebooks, games, coloring pages, short stories, etc.

Like what you see or want more, let us know, at

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