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      January - Teddy Bear Week

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      February - Valentines Week

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      March - St. Patricks Week

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      April - SpringWeek

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      May - Flower Week

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      June - Safety Week

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      Preschool Lessons Testimonials

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      I bought two months of lesson plans today on sale, I purchased the September and October preschool lesson plans and I couldn't get my October password to work. I called your company and the girl on the phone quickly looked up my order and gave me the password, she also explained to me how I get one password for each item I order, I thought the first password I saw worked for both months, now I know the 2nd password is listed further down in the email, I didn't know I had to scroll down to see both passwords, it was great to have a real person answer the phone and help me immediately with my problem.

      I started printing out the materials and I must say everything looks great, can't wait to try this out tommorrow ! Nicole B. - Colorado

      I learned how to down load today! I called about your lesson plans today, I wasn't sure if I wanted to buy something that I needed to down load, I don't use the computer that much and wasn't sure if I would be able to do it. The lady on the phone was so helpful and she taught me how to down load the files and how to make a folder for the files to go into! Thanks so much for helping me!! What I seen so far I really like and I plan to be back next month to order more. Mary H.- Utah

      We Love It! I have been to your website over and over and trying to decide if I should purchase it or not, finally I decided to give it a try and purchase one month, my kids love the crafts and the parents love seeing that their children are learning their letters and I love how easy the program is to use! I am going to purchase your 3 month sale next month!! Tonya T. Florida

      Love the updates! I received your email about the new updates and how the calendars are being done now in word so we can edit them, I like how I can change the calendar and put in someones birthday or a field trip, or change an activity if I want to! Sharon M. - Washington

      Thanks for the supply list. Before, each time I purchased a month of lesson plans I had to call to request the supply list, the girl on the phone told me that you were getting ready to update and add the supply list to the down load pages, I just noticed that they have been added to your website, thanks so much, I really appreciate the extra work to get these made for us! Sally D. From Texas

      I have been purchasing the toddler program for almost a year for my toddler class, its perfect for our group, I kept recommending your program to the director in my school and she decided to give it a try, she loved it, thanks for the great lesson plans! Jenny S. From Quebec, Canada

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