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      Preschool Weekly Calendars

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      January Calendar

      January Calendar - click here to down load.

      March Calendar

      March Calendar - click here to down load.

      August Calendar

      August Calendar - click here to down load.

      September Calendar

      September Calendar - Click to down load.

      Please remember, these are large files, after you click on the file, it may seem like it's not doing anything, or you may see a blank screen for a minute or two, this is normal, it takes the file a few minutes to load into your brower window.

      These files do not open up well on your computer until you have down loaded them to your hard drive on your computer and then use them from your computer. These files work better if you do not try and open them up on the internet.

      Try Down Loading The Files Without Opening Them

      Instead do the following:

      Normally to down load a file you would click on it with the "left" mouse button to open it. You are not going to open the file so you are going to use the other mouse button, use the (Right mouse button)

      (1) Right mouse click the link to the PDF file that you want to save. - DO NOT LEFT MOUSE CLICK -

      (2)A pop up menu will appear with a list of a few things you can do such as ( open, save, print, etc) Choose the (Save target) or (Save As) or (Save) its worded different on different computers but it will say save as, save target, etc.

      (3) Now you will click the save button, click it how you would normally click it with the (right mouse button). You will get a file down load box - give the file down load box a few seconds to a minute or two to open. Now you will see a new box it will be the (Save As) box. You will need to tell the computer where to save the file. I usually save them on my desk top so I can easily find them and then move them later. Once you choose where to save it to, click the save button down on the bottom on the right hand side.

      Now you can go and down load more files the same way. You don't have to wait for them to completely down load before saving more. I usually down load about 3 files at a time .

      (4) After the file is saved to your computer you can then open the downloaded file (double click the file) and your Adobe Acrobat Reader should just pop up and open the file.

      You will need to have the adobe acrobat reader 5.1 or higher on your computer or you will need to go to www.adobe.com and down load their free reader to use these files.

      If you do need to go and down load the reader, make sure that after you down load and install the reader you will need to turn your computer off and then turn it back on before opening up the files. Otherwise, it can corrupt the files and you will need to down load them again.

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